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Little Cottage Bouquets

Little Cottage Bouquets

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    One of the most enjoyable parts of cottage gardening is cutting bouquets. Many of the perennials you find in a cottage garden require cutting to keep them blooming so it’s a win-win situation! Also, it’s such a great way to use those little mason jars we’ve all become obsessed with! Here are some of my favorites from this year:


    Above is a collection of dwarf dahlias, pincushion flowers, tickseed, and cupid’s dart. I sometimes add herb cuttings and sometimes not. When I don’t have enough flowers to cut, I’ll sometimes just arrange herbs by themselves. It’s nice to have something pretty to look at in the kitchen.

    poppy bouquet

    Poppies are by far one of my absolute favorite garden flowers. I planted several varieties but the one that has provided the most blooms is called “Champagne Bubbles.” The name is as lovely as the flowers! It’s a great variety because they bloom in all shades of orange, yellow, and pink. Once cut, the flowers seem to last for quite a long time.


    Daisies can get a bad wrap because of their smell but they are a quintessential cottage flower. I find that if you just keep cutting the stems and changing the water, the blooms last a long time and the smell is not noticeable. The pincushion flowers are a staple for me and they fit perfectly in the little tiny jar vases. This photo was taken a month or so ago when I still had anemone flowers blooming. Funny side story on the anemones- early in the spring I was trying to figure out what they were when they first popped through the ground. I had figured it was something the previous owner had planted. It wasn’t until they were fully blooming that I realized they were the anemone bulbs that I had planted the previous fall! Haha! Last November I planted a bunch of random spring bulbs that were on a huge clearance sale. I had completely forgotten that I planted anemones but I am so glad that I did. These bulbs provided flowers from March until just a week ago. I have read that you can keep planting the bulbs in succession and they can go all summer long and into the fall.

    I am still waiting on some of my other plants to flower. I am excited for little bouquets of Black Eyed Susans and my Strawberry Tickseed. I always buy tiny starts because perennials usually come back much bigger the following year. Several of my plants were less than $2 each and I have gotten plenty of bouquets already. Do you have any favorite cutting flowers in your gardens?



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