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Candy in the garden

Candy in the garden

  • Seriously, how cute is this flower? I saw it at the garden store last weekend, and just knew I had to have it. My perennial garden is pretty random. Supposedly, when you put together a perennial garden, you should plan it out, and not just buy one plant of each variety. According to the tag on this very plant, “One-of-each design style usually doesn’t work.” I think there is truth to this, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been great at following this rule! My garden is taking on a sort of cottage garden feel- a bit of randomness, tied together with the color purple. I love purple pincushion flowers, and just added two purple roses to the garden. When I saw this peppermint twist garden phlox, I wasn’t sure where it’d fit within my garden scheme. Then, I thought, “my garden, my rules.”

    What I love about this peppermint twist phlox is its playfulness. I could have selected white phlox or straight up pink. But, I just couldn’t resist this candy-like petal. It makes me think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It brings a smile to my face, and for me, that’s what gardening is all about.

    Do you have any plants in your garden that give you the same feeling?

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  • Eileen 06.22.2011

    Those are delightful flowers, jenny! When my bleeding hearts bloom in early spring, I smile every time I see them and always think of mom. I can see exactly where they were in her spokane garden. Also, my Fourth of July rose always delighted me. When it died several years ago, I wouldn’t let dad dig it up for at least a year. I was so hopeful it’d come back. He got me a new one this year…puny little thing through the mail, but it’s a keeper and small though it may be, I again have its beautiful and sweet cinnamon-smelling flowers to make me smile. Thanks for your post. Have a great day


    girl has thyme Reply:

    These were such cute flowers. I wonder if they are still blooming in our Albany garden. I may need to plant some garden phlox next year. I also love bleeding hearts. They are so lovely.


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