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Hello again, spring!

Hello again, spring!

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    Hello again. It’s been a long time between posts but we’ve been over this before. What’s funny about my blog title is that it says I have time or “thyme.” Do you know that I literally don’t have any thyme growing in my yard? So between neglecting this website and not having any thyme growing, it’s just a bit silly. Oh well… it’s that time of year when gardening comes to the forefront. I plan on planting lots of herbs, including many varieties of thyme. Soon, all will be whole again with “Girl Has Thyme.”

    We are approaching the end of the first year in our new home and are currently remodeling our master bathroom. It started with a leaking pipe, which spiraled into a complete replumbing of our home, and then into a bathroom remodel. You know how that goes, right? “If we’re going to tear out walls and floors to replumb, we may as well get to that bathroom remodel.” So here I am typing at my dining room table, trying to ignore the 9 giant holes that surround me. Our plumber is here finishing up and I am trying not to cringe as I watch more plaster dust coat the floors. I am extremely excited about the finishes we chose for our bathroom and know that it will be fantastic when it is complete. The photo below is frightening but we are nearing the point when things begin to turn around. I will post the after photos when we get there!


    Meanwhile, outside the house, I’m making some changes as well. In the late fall, I removed a bunch of shrubs from one of our garden beds. I took out an enormous laurel and replaced it with a coral bark maple. In the front, I have been continuing to battle the ivy and almost have it removed. I’m planning on having compost delivered and will then get to work on my new “polyculture” style of cottage garden. Polyculture gardening is when you have a little of everything growing in the same space. By having a variety of plants growing together, you can effectively work your little ecosystem. This style of planting can prevent damage from pests and disease that often occurs in monoculture gardens. Also, I just like the way cottage gardens look. I think it is charming to have flowers, herbs, and vegetables together. In addition to the cottage gardens, I am going to do something with raised beds near our back patio. I have not entirely figured this out yet but would like each of the kids to have their own raised bed. I’m also working on doing some fun stuff for the kids in the backyard. I have been finding ideas on Pinterest about playscaping and am really inspired. Anyhow, lots to do but it should be a fun season outside. Stay tuned.

    side garden

    The above photo is of the side yard where I removed some thick shrubbery. I am envisioning a lavender border.


    This is the front yard and I am so pleased to see it becoming ivy-free! I got out there a few weeks ago and weeded. The soil actually looks pretty nice. I am hoping to put some artichoke plants there and mix them in with some herbs, native shrubs, and perennials.


    This is the new coral bark maple tree we planted in the fall. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to see it with leaves! The bright foliage should stand out nicely against the brick.

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  • Eileen 03.22.2014

    Anxious to see what wonders you accomplish, jenny! About time you had some thyme since you don’t have much time


    girl has thyme Reply:

    I have plenty of time but just have a few too many hobbies! Ha! But, yes, I must get some thyme growing as soon as possible! I think I will have several varieties in the pyramid planter that Randy built!


  • Okay… I now have the whole story. I didn’t quite catch all of this in your FB posts. Man… lots going on… lots to do… and lots to look forward to with the kids. We shall be working on our front yard again soon. Nothing fancy… just weeding, trimming possibly a transplant or two. The backyard is another story. In fact, I’m willing to get a BIG dog (lab) just because our backyard is dumb and well… a dog would mess it up a bit anyways. Ha! Brian just shakes his head and says no. He wants another cat. Anyways… great post! Always love seeing your adventures. 🙂


    girl has thyme Reply:

    Fun to shake things up around the yard, Michele. I am pushing for another dog as well. Adam will hear nothing of it! Are you going to plant vegetables this year?


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