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Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

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    Mother nature lured me into the garden today. It was 50 degrees by 8am and it just felt like today was the day. I have a seemingly never-ending list of indoor projects but I have been craving the fresh air. The weather is supposed to make an abrupt change for the worse later in the afternoon. I decided I’d work outside and then resume the grueling task of painting trim and packing away clutter. Once in the yard, my mind went racing about all things garden and nature which convinced me that I absolutely had to write today. I’ll get to those chores of minutia later… sure, I will.

    Anyhow, let’s talk about gardening. I didn’t have too much to accomplish outside. We did a very good job with our fall cleanup which is always so rewarding come spring. Today I raked out the straggling leaves that were missed and pulled away dead foliage. Underneath all the dead stuff were little pockets of green. The spring perennials are waking up and this is very exciting to me. I heard myself greeting the plants in my head, “Hello, Mr. Tickseed, good to see you again.” “Oh, pincushions, did you have a nice sleep?” This might seem strange but I wouldn’t be surprised if you have similar conversations in your head. Everything completely dies off here in the winter. I find it so magical to see new growth popping through the ground. I planted a lot of new perennials last summer and I am hopeful that they will all come back happy as ever. So far the pincushions, bachelor buttons, tickseed, thyme, and columbine plants seem to be preparing for their grand spring arrival. Before I know it, the hostas will be pop through, the hydrangeas will come alive, and the landscape will be green again. I know that I’m going to have to say goodbye to these plants in a few short months but I plan on leaving them looking their best.

    In the veggie patch, I raked up leftover stems and stalks and then turned the soil over using my garden fork. The soil looks really good. It’s amazing how the texture has improved over the past few years by adding nutrients and organic matter. I was thinking about when I first got into this hobby, I knew absolutely nothing. In actuality, I still don’t really know much. I’ve just played, experimented, and discovered. I love knowing that it’s my space to do what I want. I’m considering planting a few seeds on Sunday. I leave for a trip to Italy on the 13th, so I’m thinking I’d like to get some peas and lettuces started beforehand. I return on the 20th, just in time for the arrival of spring. I’m ready- are you? Have any of you started seeds or began any garden projects? If so, tell me about what you’re up to outside.

    Here is what’s happening in my yard:

    For many, spring bulbs are the true sign that warm weather is around the corner. It’s always a nice surprise to see the tulips and daffodils poking through the ground.

    The perennial bed that surrounds the patio sure looks bare now. But, I saw plenty of signs that it’s about to make its transformation.

    For example, this climbing hydrangea has tons of little buds. My guess is it will be full of green leaves in a few short weeks.

    The vegetable patch is just about ready to go. The soil is completely workable and I think it’s time to throw some seeds in the ground! The spring countdown is on!

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  • Emily 03.08.2012

    I’m so excited for spring! We had 4 inches of snow earlier this week and today is supposed to be 60 degrees – it sounds like your kind of random weather! All my tulips and daffodil’s are popping up (I felt so bad for them when they were covered in snow!). I’ve been meaning to ask you, I have a pot of bulbs that’s on my front porch and under cover. All my other bulbs have been getting rained on (well dumped on) … so should I be watering the pot quite a bit? I feel bad dumping water in there when it’s so cold out.

    I also need to get out and clean up my yard, I don’t think we did as good of a job as you did last fall!


  • always nice to read and see what you’ve posted, jenny!! someone lucky will inherit a wonderful garden to play in. it’s been great to see all you’ve done and learned in your gardening adventures


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