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Seasonal Porch Pillows

Seasonal Porch Pillows

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    As I have mentioned before, I love our front porch. I feel lucky to have a place to enjoy the fresh air during all seasons. It’s so lovely to sit out there with a cup of coffee, a blanket, and watch the snow come down. To make it even more cozy, this year I accessorized the porch with new pillows and seat cushions using seasonal fabric. I had never made throw pillows before but thought it would be a nice way to update the look without spending a fortune. I seriously cannot believe that throw pillows are as expensive as they are! The same is true for outdoor cushions. I decided to just make new covers for my existing seat cushions. I picked up 5 yards of fabric and a couple of pillow forms at Joann Fabric for $20. Now, before I get into this post, I should mention that you will not find a sewing tutorial here. I am a complete novice at this stuff. There are hundreds of blogs out there that will show you how to sew pillows much more effectively. What you will get from me is this: why not give it a try? If you’re like me, you scope out Pinterest regularly and pin all these cute ideas to your different boards. At some point, you have to up your game and just execute. That is what I did here.We just have to get out of our own way. In this specific case, I had to tell myself, “They are just pillow covers that are going to be used outside. Who cares if they aren’t sewn fabulously?” And, believe me- they weren’t! But, they do look good. I didn’t want to deal with buttons or zippers, so I just used velcro to secure everything. It wasn’t a perfect choice, but now that I’ve sewn pillow cases I am ready to take on buttons and zippers. I now have the confidence to make throw pillows for our living room and with those I will want a nicer looking enclosure. Anyhow, that is my message today- take action and turn one of those great ideas into actuality! It will make you happy; I promise! Here are some photos of my new pillows and winter space. With holiday lights and potted artificial Christmas trees, it’s really made our porch a special place to enjoy this time of year.

    I went with a rusty rose color that provides a wintery feel, but isn’t overly holiday.

    Is this not just a wonderful space to enjoy happy hour?

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  • Missy 12.02.2011

    Yes I would love to come have a hot buttered rum on that porch!


  • I just read in the Old Farmer’s Almanac today that spending time outside during the winter helps you stay healthy thru the cold months! I’m so impressed you made your own throw pillows (because yes, they are over the top expensive) and how fun that moving forward you can update them for each season! I love your photo and would love more than anything to come have a cocktail on that beautiful porch with you!


  • jenny, love all the pictures. had seen the one with the lights but don’t think the others–you did a great job!! i think sewing/making things for home is such a satisfying thing. your tree material is a perfect choice–will be good for several months–that’s always one of my goals, but i do like holiday specific things, too. i had to bring in my pillows for my porch chair before they froze to the chair like last year!!!! hopefully, your covered porch will keep that from happening.


  • So pretty!


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