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Porch Swing Confessionals

Porch Swing Confessionals

  • There is something very romantic about front porches. It is one of my favorite things about living in the northeast, so many homes have them and it’s fun to see people sitting outside as you walk by. Somehow it lends nostalgia to a modern world. If you think about porches, you immediately think about rocking chairs, lemonade, and relaxation. Well, at least I do. Our house is an old colonial with a large front porch that I fell in love with at first glance. Once we moved in, I decided that we absolutely needed a porch swing and found one on Craigslist. I am not convinced that a porch is complete without a swing.

    We spent a great deal of the past spring working on our porch. Northeastern winters are rough on houses. We had to scrape a lot of paint from the railings, sand them down, and then apply primer and fresh paint. It took a very long time. Adam is still working on replacing the pedestals for the pillars that have rotted out from excess water. We painted the ceiling and the floor. I decided to plant golden hops to climb the trellis that is on the side of the porch. I wanted something that grows fast and would give a bit of a privacy screen. The porch really looks nice and it is my favorite place to escape.

    I think it’s important to have a designated place in your home that has an immediate calming effect. I have two young children which makes for moments of craziness. There are days when I survey my house and am so overwhelmed by the amount of toys strewn all over the floor. Even the backyard, with my gardens and lovely patio, can be taken over by t-ball sets, tricycles, and water toys. These are all things you expect in a home with children. Of course I want my children to play and enjoy their home! But, during my moments of craze, the front porch is my saving grace. It’s where I go when I need to decompress. Even when my kids are making me batty, I will scoop them up and take them out to swing. It allows me to step back and realize I need to enjoy this special time when the kids are young. The messes can be cleaned up and all will be fine.

    During the rare moments when both kids are sleeping, I like to enjoy morning coffee or afternoon wine with a magazine. My swing is the perfect size for my 5’3 stature. Sometimes I’ll just go out there and rest my eyes. I’ll rock and listen to all the traffic drive by. (We live on an incredibly busy street, which only mildly kills the zen.) Anyhow, this is my thing. It’s where I get my mind right. Do you have a place like this in your home? Tell me about it!

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  • Your porch looks amazing! I’m glad I was able to experience it and your awesome swing first hand. To answer your question my favorite place to decompress is by the river with an after work cocktail.


    girl has thyme Reply:

    I cannot wait for the day to join you by the river for an evening cocktail!


  • Wow Jenny. What a great post! I WISH we had one of these porches and the swing!! To decompress?? Well…this is weird… but I like washing dishes (no one bugs me)… and then as you know… heading downstairs to my craft desk. To decompress with the kids… I turn off all the tv’s, stereos… anything making noise… and we play a game or 2 of Uno or Yahtzee. Other than that… 10:30pm at night, glass of wine on the couch is the best it gets.


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