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    We have been in our new home for just over a month now. Moving is a lot of work and doing it twice in a years time is straight up exhausting. We are still unpacking! We’re trying to get things put away in an organized fashion and do it right. It takes time and with two little rascals running around, progress is a little slow. That said, it is so wonderful to be HOME! I know you can’t control life’s surprises but our plan is to stay here for a long, long time. It’s a great house in a fantastic location – I call it Heaven on Junett.

    Our new yard is unlike any we have had before. We live on a .25 acre corner lot in the north end of Tacoma. Our house sits up on a hill with a view of the Puget Sound. The yard is very unique and private. The lawn portion of the yard wraps around the side and front. The back yard is a woodland garden- large trees, native plants, and very mature shrubs. There is a tiered pond which we just drained (more on that in a later post.) There is a small patch of grass which struggles between the shade and the huge trees with their root systems. The plan is to transition that to a play area for the kids. I’d like to have a swing set with hammock style swings that both kids and adults can enjoy. We have a patio out back and a pergola where a large wisteria vine resides. There are so many other areas to discuss but I think I’ll just show you some photos. Over time, I will write about the individual elements in our yard. I sort of underestimated the amount of work our yard will be to maintain. It’s a bit of a pruning nightmare. I am studying the plants individually to prune them so they can take on a more natural form. The previous owner had the yard serviced and the shrubs were sheared. They look nice but it can be difficult to maintain that look without consistent shearing. As I learn about these plants, I will post. For now, here’s a little tour:

    photo 5 (11)

    The front of the house has a stepping stone trail that leads to the back of the house. There is a great bird bath on top of an old tree stump.

    photo 4 (17)

     The stepping stone trail lined with ferns and other native plants. Olivia loves giving trail tours.

    photo 4 (15)

    Max was quick to mark his territory upon moving in! He absolutely loves our new yard which is so nice because he typically hates going outside. Since moving in, he is always wanting out on the back patio.

    photo 1 (23)

    The back patio is a great spot to relax. The pergola adds a lot of interest with a huge wisteria vine. I cannot wait for it to flower, though I hear these vines can be pretty aggressive!

    photo 2 (23)

    We have had several deer visits since moving in. It could be my naivety but I love that we have deer. I will just need to make sure I don’t plant any expensive roses or the like near their hangout!

    Deer 002

    I was able to zoom in once while this deer was visiting. There is a little pocket of grass that is very secluded where the deer like to stop for rests. So peaceful looking.

    Deer 007

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  • Eileen 07.06.2013

    Great post again, jenny, and nice photos. Haven’t seen most of them before, so enjoying them. So very, very happy for you all. How fun for max to feel safe enough to want to be outside! I love it


  • Fabulous virtual tour – can’t wait for the real tour on Saturday! And I really can’t wait to enjoy a cocktail on your fabulous-looking patio! Congratulations on your little piece of heaven!


  • Such a pretty place for such a lovely family!


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