• I think what I love most about gardening is how it’s heightened my curiosity. Suddenly, I find wonder in just about everything. I am mesmerized when a tiny seed germinates, becomes a tiny seedling, and before I know it- it’s an enormous zucchini plant. For me, it’s magical. In actuality, it’s science. I’ve never been much into science- that’s my husband’s gig. He’s the dork that enjoys talking about water molecules or convincing me that the whole world comes down to physics. Yet, somehow over the past few years I’ve been hearing words like “ph” and “nitrogen” sneaking into my vocabulary. It’s weird. But, I sort of love it.

    The plant world is fascinating. I used to just appreciate its beauty, but now it’s become a place to play. I like trying new things- whether it’s planting butternut squash seeds in various areas of my yard to test what type of sun/dirt/water combo works best, or spreading coffee grounds into the dirt to see what it does to the soil. It’s fun to mix things up and intentionally plant things out of place- put a tomato plant in the middle of your flower garden, or mix flowers with your vegetables. It’s conversational and a constant reminder that gardening is about experiencing. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, at least for me.

    Living in a world of discovery is far more interesting than living in a world of tunnel vision. Yet, it’s so easy to get stuck in the tunnel, particularly when we are busy. Anybody’s life can become “groundhog day.” It’s funny- as kids we are taught to live in a world of discovery, encouraged to learn through our senses of touch, smell, and taste. Then, somehow we grow up and forget to live in that same world. Gardening has made me curious again. Sure, it’s brought out my inner science nerd, but that’s okay. It turns out that being a bit of a science nerd is just ridiculously fun.


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  • Julie 07.05.2011

    So true. Beautifully written.


  • DITTO… AGREE… Perfectly Stated!!!!!


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