A spectacle of butternut squash

  • This year I decided to grow butternut squash when I received a few seeds from a co-op that was doing a promotion. I basically planted these as an afterthought, not wanting the seeds to go to waste. What’s funny is that I planted them in a tiny spot, fully aware that it was not enough room for a big squash plant to grow. Because I am fairly new to the hobby of gardening, I decided it would be fun to see what happens. It’s the whole curiosity thing. It still just amazes me that a tiny seed can produce such a large plant! Anyhow, the squash started to grow and I noticed that it is more vine-like than my summer squash and zucchini plants. It’s slowly starting to sprawl along the walkway that lines the patio. It’s really beautiful, and somewhat of a spectacle.

    Now, the word ‘spectacle’ holds a special place in my heart. Recently, my youngest sister came for a visit. At age 16, she is full of spirit, and for lack of a better word, goofiness. She has a way of bringing out the kid (and dork!) in you. While she was here, we visited one of my very favorite boutiques in the town of Troy, NY. Truly Rhe is a boutique that not only has awesome clothes and accessories, but the prices are extremely reasonable. I brought Julie there to look at dresses for upcoming school dances. I figured that she could find something unique and affordable. She did find a dress, and also convinced me to buy an old-fashioned, prairie style sundress. I was not entirely sold on whether or not I wanted to wear it, but she made a very strong case for “being a spectacle.” As she explained, being a spectacle should be a goal of everyone’s because it’s fun to stand out. She helped me accessorize my dress with some funky wedge sandals that I had in my closet and basically forced me to wear it on our trip to Montreal. I have to admit- I did feel like a spectacle. My outfit made me feel fun! It was playful and unique. Being a spectacle runs through my mind almost daily now. I find myself wrapping scarves in my hair and pulling out other random stuff in my closet that I’ve previously been uncertain about wearing. It’s actually exhilarating!

    So, that brings me to my butternut squash spectacle. I love this plant and its element of surprise. I am trying to decide how best to let it sprawl. Part of me thinks it needs a trellis of sorts to grow vertically. But, there is a part of me that wants it to sprawl freely. I may adjust the direction of the vine so that it just grows all the way around the patio. I think it would be interesting, especially in October, when its fruit starts to ripen and the colorful leaves fall from the trees. I’m not sure- either way, I will honor it as my spectacular plant of the season. It’s a reminder to take risks for the sake of fun alone. So, as Julie might ask, have you made a spectacle of yourself lately? And, if not, what are you waiting for?

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  • Julie 07.23.2011

    YAY! Haha- love this post! I feel honored to be featured on your fabulous website 🙂


  • Spectacular sprawling squash! I vote for it to continue rambling. Another fun post


  • I love it! Both being a spectacle once in awhile and the great garden pictures!


  • The squash and its fruit are beautiful, but can you make the flavor more ‘spectacular,’ too?


  • It is wonderful what you have done with your garden. It certainly has “eye” appeal as well as “stomach” appeal down the line. How good to have fresh produce for the great meals you prepare.


  • I’m jealous! Butternut squash is at the top of my list for favorite veggies and I’ve planted seeds but have had no luck. Love the story of Julie and your dress… speaking of, I’d love to see a picture of you in your cute sundress!


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