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Mornings with Max

Mornings with Max

  • Sometime over the past year I became a morning person. Out of nowhere, my body naturally wakes up around 6-6:30 am. It’s the strangest thing after always considering myself more of a night owl. Often I just lay in bed and play on my phone, but the last couple of days, I’ve gotten up, started laundry, tidied up the kitchen, and taken little walks around the yard with my dog. It’s such a peaceful time to be outside. My little beagle, Max, is not doing well. He has prostate cancer and his prognosis is not good. He’s such a sweet dog and has been my little shadow for many years. I’m having a hard time with this news. I’m realistic and know that this is part of having pets, but it’s still a really crappy thing to go through. It’s also been a reminder to slow down and enjoy these summer days with my kids and the time we have left with our Max. This morning, the air felt so crisp and lovely. The morning sunshine felt energizing. It was nice to be outside with Max, who asks nothing of me, other than my company. He sniffed around while I pulled a few weeds and observed what’s new with my plants. We visited with neighbors who were out walking. I often wonder what dogs are thinking and I bet today Max was thinking he’s glad I’ve turned into a morning person. Me, too, Max. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s date.





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