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Gratitude in Weeding

Gratitude in Weeding

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    A few weeks ago, I got out in my front garden and was blown away by the amount of Bittercress weeds. Bittercress is a challenging annual weed because it seeds very quickly. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to handle the situation. I actually googled, “effective weeding practices” as if there was some secret method that I didn’t know about. No such luck- the only chemical free way to control weeds is to just sit your butt down on the ground and get to pulling! It’s time consuming work, but they are very easy to remove if you get to them early enough. Once you get started, it can actually be meditative and therapeutic. It’s nice to have some time outdoors to think. Weeding doesn’t require concentration so it’s a perfect time to zone out and contemplate life. While I was weeding, I thought about all that has happened in the past year. How I used to drive by this house, wishing that we could buy it. How lucky is it that I am now gardening in the yard? I think about the way my body feels as I move around the garden. It’s always a shock to the muscles when you first get out on your hands and knees or squat to reach for something down low. I am grateful that my body is healthy enough to handle the work. After an hour or so, my garden looked quite a lot better and I felt good about more things than my yard.

    Although weeding is meditative, it’s not as though I enjoy the fact that the weeds reappear so quickly! I have already had to get out in the same garden bed several times to keep the situation under control. The Bittercress is still popping up and now the dandelions are ready for battle. I thought I’d pass on a few of my essential tools and tips for weeding that may be helpful to you. Likewise, if you have any tricks, please share!

    Favorite Tools:

    Small hand-rake or cultivator: Nothing too special, this every day garden tool helps rough up the soil and makes the shallow weeds easy to pull out.

    CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator: This is by far my favorite tool for gardening. I use it for weeding, planting, and scraping the surface of my garden beds. This thing can really get to the deep roots of dandelions and just pops them up.

    TubTrug: Sure, you can easily use a bucket. I just really like the flexibility of these TubTrugs. They come in fun colors. I think I even wrote an entire post on these a while back!

    Favorite Tips:

    – Sit down! Do you know how many times I have punished my body by squatting in fear of getting my pants dirty? Gardening is much easier on your body if you just accept that you’ll get dirty. Wear old jeans and take a seat!

    – Get to the weeds before they go to seed. As soon as they start flowering, take action!

    – Mulch- once I get my gardens weeded and planted, I plan on bringing in a bunch of mulch to try and keep the weeds under control.

    – Finally, if you love gardening, weeding is a part of it. It simply has to be done so try and use the time to zone out and consider all that you’re grateful for. So often we define ourselves by how busy we are and how much we have to do. Rather than thinking of weeding as another thing on the to-do list, think of it as an opportunity to be outside. Bring your kids or dog out with you. Think of the exercise you’re getting. Anyhow, something to ponder about. Do you find gratitude while weeding?

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