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Anticipating Autumn

Anticipating Autumn

  • I haven’t been great about writing as consistently as I had hoped. My son started school and life has gotten busier. I’m in a nostalgic mood today. I was walking back from dropping Gavin off at school this morning and thinking about how quickly seasons come and go. The air is colder when we wake up and the leaves are just beginning to change colors. I was thinking about my garden and how most of my vegetables are done. I have broccoli, brussel sprouts, and a few lone leeks hanging out. The green bean teepee has been taken down, as it got pounded with the remnants of hurricane Irene. I do have about 20 tomatoes still ripening on the vines, with which I plan on making marinara sauce this weekend. Oh, and those beautiful butternut squash are almost ripe! Other than that, most of my plants have died off. The lettuce seeds that I planted a few weeks ago never sprouted. I think my bird friends may have overstepped their boundaries! I’m thinking about building a cold frame to test out growing spinach and lettuces in the late fall. As you’ve probably picked up, I’m curious and like a project. There is a place in Albany that sells old window frames. I’m thinking that might work well for my cold frame experiment.

    It’s lovely outside today. It’s cool, but sunny. It’s a wonderful time to live in the northeast. Adam is already starting to complain about all the raking we will be doing. He gets pretty fired up about how many bags of leaves we rake up each year. It’s not the most fun of tasks, but I just think it’s beautiful. It’s fun for the kids to jump in piles and throw them up in the air. I love going for walks and stomping on the fallen leaves. Martha Stewart says this is the time of year where we tuck our gardens in for their long winters rest. It’s sort of sad, but I’m typically ready for the break. I put away my garden shovels and pick up my knitting needles. It’s my favorite time of year to cook. I love comfort food and the smell of pots of soup simmering away on the stove. Don’t worry, though. I have a few indoor garden projects on the agenda. I’d like to experiment with a terrarium and growing an indoor herb garden. As I have mentioned, I hate buying herbs at the grocery store. I consider it to be a huge ripoff. So, I’d like to figure out a way to have access to just a few for my fall and winter soup making. If I could just have pots of thyme, oregano, and rosemary, I would be pretty happy.

    Well, that’s all I have today. I think I will head out to the front porch with a cup of coffee and a blanket. Happy fall anticipation!

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  • Emily 09.16.2011

    Happy Fall! Like you I’m a little dumb struck about how quickly summer came and went but very excited for soups, comfort food, indoor activities and all things pumpkin! I’ll send you a copy of the new 2012 Old Farmer’s Almanac, there is a great article on Hydroponic Gardening year ’round.


  • favorite fall memory is chilled air and stomping leaves as i walked up the hill to school in provo. can almost feel the cold on my face!


  • Have to say… I think fall may be my favorite season. Gotta love having a warm drink in hand and sitting outside looking at all the beautiful foilage. Too bad I never actually do that, haha! This year perhaps…


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