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    I have neglected my grass pretty terribly this year. I get so wrapped up in my gardens that I just don’t bother with the lawn except for mowing. In the past it’s always looked good enough- sure, there were weeds, but for the most part it’s looked okay. Lately- it’s gotten bad. There is a random mint vine that appeared in my yard sometime last summer. This year it has made its way through the grass and is absolutely taking over. I have researched this a bit, but from what I can tell- there is not an easy way to get rid of mint. And, it’s not mint that I can make mojitos with- so it has no place in my yard!

    Last night, I was thinking about this problem. I decided that I’d just go back to the basics of lawn care. This morning I spent a couple of hours thatching the grass with a metal rake. The rake worked well to pull a lot of the mint out and remove all of the dead grass. This exposed a lot of bare dirt in the process. Tomorrow, I will aerate the ground by poking holes using a coring aerator. Next week, assuming the weather cools down, I will overseed the entire lawn and then cover with a layer of peat moss. Peat moss serves several purposes-it adds nutrients to the dirt, helps keep the seed moist, and also hides the seed from the birds. I will need to be diligent with the watering, but hopefully this plan will prove successful. The idea is I will get the grass to thicken up- and maybe it will hold its own against the mint and weeds.

    Taking care of grass can be a challenge. It’s my least favorite part about working in the yard. Adam absolutely hates yardwork. He doesn’t understand anyone who’d like a hobby that has the word “work” in it! Funny, as I’m writing this- Adam is out mowing the front lawn. It’s 90 degrees outside and our front lawn is a steep hill. I’ve been on his ass all week to get that lawn mowed! I’d do it myself, but I’d end up in the middle of the street with my lawnmower if I attempted it. On the subject of the front lawn, it’s also in bad shape and I plan to execute the same plan there in a month or so. It gets hammered with full sun all day- am not sure the seed would take very well until it cools down.

    To be honest, if I didn’t have kids- I’d probably not even have grass in my yard. I’d tear it all out and just have tons of flowers and shrubs. I’d put in a couple of water features and benches. I’d convince Adam to make cobblestone paths… But, for now- I like having a lawn for the kids to play in. The next decade or so will involve t-ball practice, soccer drills, and water fights. We will play games like badminton. We will continue to lay blankets out under the trees and have picnics. And, I will continue to thatch, aerate, and overseed.


    Grass- prior to thatching. You can see the mint vines.

     Grass- after my thatching job. Only room for improvement, right?!?


    July 20th, 2011 | girl has thyme | 2 Comments |

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  • Michele 07.20.2011

    Dang girl!! You’ve got more ambition than MOI. Looking good so far! It can only get better. 😉


  • We (well Curtis does most of the work) try to thatch and aerate our lawn once a year and it always turns into a long weekend of hard work, but it pays off! And I’m glad you’re keeping your lawn for the kids … although I give you big props for keeping your steep lawn in the front. After seeing it first hand, I’d leave the mowing to Adam as well!


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