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My (not so) sexy garden feet

My (not so) sexy garden feet

  • My feet are not sexy- not even close. They are small, which I suppose some people find attractive. But, smooth and pretty, they are not.

    During the spring and summer months, I spend the majority of time walking around barefoot. When I’m gardening, I wear crocs. Now before you go judging me about my crocs, let me just say that not only are they super practical (you can rinse them off, etc), but mine are actually pretty cute! (I mean ballet-style flats, come on!) Anyhow, between the crocs, flip-flops, and just going barefoot, my feet take a beating. My heels get tough, and crack badly. It’s a good thing that Adam (my husband) does not have a foot fetish, because we would have a problem. We would not be together, for that matter!

    To make matters worse, my already tortured feet get dirty while I am gardening. The dirt gets stuck in the cracks of my heels and I have to scrub them like crazy, just to get them nearly clean. I have no idea why I am telling you this. This is a new blog and I’m introducing myself to you this way? I wouldn’t do that in an actual meeting. “Oh, nice to meet you; aren’t my feet nasty?” Seriously! The truth is, though, we all have these types of issues and we secretly look up solutions for them on the internet. I figure, if you are reading this blog, you probably garden and may suffer from the same… condition.

    So here we go: plan to bring sexy back to my feet. Sure, the obvious thing is to just wear socks and shoes. I won’t do it- it’s summer. So, the next best solution is intense moisturizing. Enter Gold Bond. I saw a commercial for this the other night, and rushed out to get some. I used it last night before bed, and already notice a huge difference! The plan is to coat them at least once a day, put socks on, and let it soak in. I’m hopeful that with some intense therapy, I will achieve “somewhat sexy” garden feet.

    How do you keep your feet looking good during the summer months?

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  • Emily 06.24.2011

    You crack me up! And I agree nasty feet are worth the sacrifice if it means being able to walk around barefoot and in flip flops all summer! I’ve never tried Gold Bond, I’ll have to pick some up. And I think you should treat yourself to a pedicure to celebrate getting Girl Has Thyme started!


  • jenny…this is a great blog already!! i’m so impressed with all the work you’ve put into it, but not surprised since you’re always such a hard worker and focused. looking forward to all you have to say about gardening even though i’m not very much into it anymore. always hopeful, though!


  • Love the new site, Jen. Nice work. To answer your question, I do exactly what you’re doing. I have a giant bottle of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing by my kitchen sink, and big tubes both on my nightstand and my desk at work. It really does work!


  • Thank you for the nice feedback!

    I am happy to report that just two days into my Gold Bond therapy, my feet are shaping up quite nicely! Adam said, “wow, impressive! Your feet are nearly human again and less reptile!” He is so romantic 🙂


  • May have to try this when I come over next week. My feet are taking a beating here. LOVE your site! It has come together quite nicely.


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