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  • If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are quite aware of how terrible the weather has been this winter. I read in an article that Seattle has only had 3 mild and sunny days since October. It’s been pretty dreadful. I’m not typically affected by the weather but I’m at my wit’s end! Anyhow, it is time to look toward better days and plan our gardens! I recently purchased the book: Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein.

    Talk about a book to get you dreaming about the warm days of summer! Last summer I planted several annuals in my garden for cutting bouquets. My favorites were zinnias and snapdragons. It convinced me that I’d like a dedicated garden for cut flowers. I have an area of my yard that has been begging for a purpose since we moved in and I’m ready to get moving on it! After reading through this book, I decided to start some seeds inside while I wait for the weather to improve.

    I’ve never started seeds under grow lights before so this is a first for me. Adam set up a shop light underneath his basement work bench and built a shelf for my seedlings to sit on. I ordered a variety of different seeds- various sweet peas, snapdragons, zinnias, cosmos, poppies, celosias, and nasturtiums. Because I got the grow lights going, I also decided to start a couple varieties of tomatoes and pumpkins. Only time will tell if I am successful… and by the looks of our forecast, I’ve got the time! I’m hopeful that by mid-May, I’ll have a nice collection of plants to move outside. Next project is getting the garden area itself ready to go. I’ll be covering the existing grass with burlap sacks and cardboard and then bringing in a bunch of new garden soil. A post for another day… hope you all are dreaming of your gardens. Spring is coming! (Right?)





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