Rainy Day Respite

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    The rain is coming down hard this morning. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of my life so rain is not much of a surprise. Get out your rain boots and jacket, and get going about your day! However, some rainy days are a little more intense and today is one of those days. It’s dumping buckets out there! This weather affects me in different ways. Sometimes it makes me want to go crazy cleaning my house. Other times, I try to take a step back and consider the rain a respite from my to-do list. There are so many I things I like to do that involve sitting. I love to knit and have been working on the same shawl project for over 3 months. It’s rare that I allow myself the time to sit down. There is always some house project to work on, cleaning, etc. It’s probably why I haven’t been a great blogger. It requires sitting down! So today I’m going to take a rain check and enjoy this weather! The agenda will include another favorite indulgence of mine, sitting down in a comfy spot with a stack of cookbooks. I feel like making something cozy for dinner tonight, some kind of yummy soup and maybe a homemade bread. I will have to take my little Maggie out for a rainy walk. Dogs don’t exactly allow a complete break from responsibilities! But after, I’ll throw on some sweats and get to knitting while looking out at the glorious maple trees that illuminate against this grey sky. Enjoy your day!

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