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    Well, hello again, blog world! Can you believe another year has come and gone? It’s amazing how the calendar seems to move faster and faster. We had a lovely holiday season with friends, family, and great food. I enjoyed having my littles home with me for a couple weeks. We all enjoy our lazy time; snuggled in bed until late morning, pajamas donned well into the afternoon or evening, and the luxury of no timeline. It was glorious. Now we are in our first real week in January. Kids are back at school and I’m trying to organize and tidy things up. I hesitated to write a blog post about the typical New Year’s resolutions and reflections. I haven’t written one the past couple of years which leads me to think that I must be pretty satisfied with life! Still, I think it’s good to take the time to evaluate and make appropriate changes.

    I don’t think there has been a time when I have enjoyed parenting as much as I am right now. Gavin and Olivia are at really great ages. Gavin, age 7, is becoming such a cool kid. He’s developed such a personality and I still think he has the best laugh on the planet. He’s a football nut! He’s either talking about football or asking Adam to throw the ball around. His reading ability has excelled over the past couple of months and school is going really well. Olivia, age 4, is an amazing little person. She mesmerizes me with her imagination. Her mind is constantly busy. I hope she never loses her ability to play. I need to remember to set aside my “to-do” list, phone, and any other distraction, to give them the attention they deserve.

    Likewise, I’d like to go on more dates with my husband and maybe not talk about the kids while we go on said dates.

    I won’t bore you with the health & lifestyle changes I am making. Diet. Exercise. Hydration. All the normal stuff. Health is important – it allows us to be present in our lives. I can do better.

    I’m very excited about another year of gardening. I have lots of fun things planned for the school garden as well as at home. In the fall, the kids and I planted 300 bulbs out front- various alliums and anemones. Some have already started to sprout up green leaves. It’s a tease for what’s to come. I’m planning to remove some overgrown shrubs in the backyard and replace them with things that I love. I’m also hoping to finally deal with that pond! We’re thinking of converting it to a pondless waterfall. We shall see if we get to that this year.

    I’d say that I’ll focus more on this blog but we all know that’s not true. It’s not that I don’t have time. I just have a lot of hobbies! Speaking of which- I started making soy candles using old wine bottles that I cut. I call them “Light of Good Cheer!” candles and I’m offering one up as a giveaway. All you need to do is comment about something you’d like to do this year. It could be a new hobby, a healthy lifestyle change, or some other resolution. I’ll draw a winner next week!

    Light of Good Cheer

    Happy New Year!


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