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  • I’ve decided to add another section to this blog to share my home decorating projects. This is something I had considered when first establishing Girl Has Thyme, but decided against it to maintain some kind of focus. I’ve decided that is not really important because let’s face it- my posts are very few and far between! The more content to motivate me to write, the better! Besides my favorite magazines include home and garden topics. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to have hobbies indoors as well as outdoors. If it’s sunny, I go pull weeds and work in the yard. If it’s raining, I pull out the sewing machine or bag of yarn. Since buying our home, I’ve been busy looking for ways to furnish it and decorate it without going bankrupt at the Pottery Barn. I have been locating old furniture and accents and then giving them a paint job. I’ve become a huge fan of Goodwill and other thrift stores. But my most favorite treasures have come from my grandma’s attic. The transformations are fun and I want to share them with you!

    If you follow me on facebook, you might remember seeing an old Burpee Seeds clock that my grandma gave me when the family was helping organize her attic space. It’s absolutely cool.


    It had a natural wood finish which was very nice. I definitely could have left it alone and perhaps that would have been more classic. I just couldn’t resist the urge to paint it blue. I used Annie Sloan’s ‘Duck Egg Blue’ chalk paint and love how it turned out.


    Now all I need to do is read the instruction book that Grandma recently located to recalibrate the moon and planting settings. And really, what I mean by that is that I need to have Adam do that for me! (Adam, I love you. You are the smartest and most handy.)

    The other treasure from Grandma’s is an old secretary desk that she had actually given to my mom years ago. The desk sat in my parents’ garage for a very long time until I asked if she planned on doing anything with it. She said she didn’t really have a place for it and that I was welcome to take it for our new house. This was an absolute score. I have wanted one of these desks for a long time. The desk required some TLC. Adam added a couple of screws and then I scraped off the worn paint and repainted the desk. Again, I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Her paint is expensive but it really goes on nicely and covers imperfections that would otherwise require a lot of sanding and priming. Here are my before and after shots:




    I liked the two tone color of the desk when I got it so I decided to keep that but change out the colors. I went with Annie Sloan’s ‘English Yellow’ and ‘Coco’. The coco is a sort of taupe/grey. I think it works really well with the bright yellow.



    And here it is, right before I sat down to write this post. I love my new writing space and it makes me so happy to have found a home for these beautiful things.

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  • Eileen 09.14.2013

    Like your change on the blog. And that clock is so cool! Fun you have a secretary…tgose are the coolest invention, i think. They’ve always intrigued me


  • You have such an eye for these things! Really impressive.


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