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Barefoot but not so Fancy Free

Barefoot but not so Fancy Free

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    The other day I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure before going on a sunny beach vacation. My hands and feet are always in horrific condition. I spend so much time barefoot and do most of my gardening in flip flops. I wear gardening gloves but my nails still wind up with dirt under them and lately I have been sporting several blisters earned by pulling ivy. The ladies at the nail salon were giving each other looks while one of them worked on my hands and the other my feet. They were comparing the amount of dead skin they were scraping off and conversing about my filth in Vietnamese. I just laughed and said, “I know! I’m disgusting! But I am a gardener, give me a break!” The gal working on my hands smiled and said, “You need to come here more often!” I have to scrub my feet every night before climbing into bed. I will think to myself, “socks and shoes next time…” I swear that even when I wear socks and shoes while gardening, I still manage to have filthy feet. The reality is that gardening is dirty work. I have been working on my front garden beds which have been overrun by ivy and blackberry vines. It’s an all body workout trying to yank that stuff out. After an hour or so, my hair is disheveled along with my dirty appendages and that’s about when a neighbor decides to pop by for an introduction. Yes, I bet you’d love to shake my hand about now. Typically the kids have been rolling down the hill while I have been busy weeding and pulling vines and they too are looking pretty homely. It’s a great impression we are making.

    When I began writing this blog, one of my first posts was about this very subject. I had a plan to bring sexy back to my feet. I was going to diligently moisturize my feet on a daily basis with Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion. I did this for a while and it did help so I need to get back on this plan. Isn’t that how life is?  “I’m totally going to start working out 5 days a week.”  or “I’m absolutely going to drink at least 2 liters of water each day.” We have good intentions and then fall off the wagon. All of these things seem simple to do yet they are equally simple to forget about. Anyhow, here goes- time to moisturize my feet… and workout… and drink more water…

    I’m always curious to know if anyone has any good remedies for caring for cracked feet- please comment if you have one!


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  • DL 08.02.2013

    My feet are like that, too! And I hate wearing gardening gloves, so unless it’s for pulling stickery weeds, I don’t. And my hands end up showing it. The raised beds are more forgiving of them, because it’s just a lot less work, so that’s a bonus. I know it sounds nasty, but I love my little ped-egg. That thing really does work, especially after a shower or a lovely epsom salt soak. Bribing a certain 10 year old (the only one who’ll do it) to slather lotion on them is lovely, too.


  • I slather my feet in Aquaphor every night before I go to bed. I keep a big tub of it on my nightstand — have for years. I have a hard time sleeping if my feet feel dry; it has become a “have to” ritual for me. Morgan thinks it’s weird. Anyway, the Aquaphor absorbs pretty quickly and I haven’t had any issues with it staining sheets, etc. I think it moisturizes a lot better than lotion and my feet are in pretty good shape, if I do say so myself. 🙂


  • Love this … I’m always wondering what the ladies, who are working on my feet, are jabbering about in Vietnamese. I’m sure thinking how nasty my feet are as well. I also had good intentions to purchase gold bond and use it after reading your original post, but it never happened…


  • You already know my hands and feet are a wreck too. The life of a girl who gardens, runs, wears flip flops & flats. But I have found that putting Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream on my feet and hands really helps. My dermatologist recommended it. (At the same visit she told me I have “old skin.” Gee, thanks.) That paired with the occasional application of Aquaphor really helps. And you can get the Cetaphil at Costco for a whole lot less than anywhere else.


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