A Happier Mud Room

  • It’s funny the things you don’t really notice when you buy a new home. For example, I didn’t realize that the back entrance to our home was actually the main entrance. The few times we viewed the home before purchasing, we entered through the front door. Yet, the garage and driveway are off the back patio so the front door is rarely used by us or any of our close friends and family. I don’t mind because it’s a bit more intimate that way. However, the mudroom wasn’t making a very welcoming impression. It felt rather drab, painted brown inside and out, including the doors and window trim. It literally looked muddy. The room needed a serious pick me up! For inspiration, I turned to the genius of Pinterest! Seriously, what did we all do before Pinterest? I searched mudrooms and tried to figure out what vibe I was going for. Here is my inspiration photo:

    photo 1 (29)

    I really like the garden feel of this mudroom. The green and white paint looks fresh with the pink accents. It’s casual but pretty. I decided to take the green color used on the floor here and put that on my walls with white trim around the windows and doors. It is really amazing what fresh paint can do for a room. Here are my before and after shots.

    photo 5 (14)

    photo 3 (25)

    photo 4 (21)

    As you can see, not too terrible but nothing special. Certainly not the same welcoming and cozy vibe as the room in my inspiration photo.

    photo 3 (26)

    max in mudroom



    I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Adam installed a few hooks to hang jackets and even a special “beagle” hook for Max’s leash. We got him another dog bed to keep in there which works well for days when he likes to go in and out. I found the coordinating Welcome mat at Target and am overall pretty excited about our new mudroom! Now all I need to find is a good way to organize all the shoes that seem to accumulate. But that is a Pinterest search for another day…

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  • Adam 08.22.2013

    Since when did we start calling Max’s bedroom the mud room?


  • I love it! I am such a chicken when it comes to venturing outside of neutrals when I paint. Looking at this makes me realize that I really should be more adventurous. It’s fantastic.


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