Make your own bird bath

  • As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am having a wonderful time watching the birds in our backyard. It is truly amazing how life can be shifted into perspective when you just take a few minutes to sit outside and listen. Some of my friends think this new bird obsession is a little wacky- and maybe it is. I just find it really interesting for some reason! I dare you to sit outside with a glass of wine in the evening and try it for yourself! Anyhow, I wanted to treat my little bird residents to a bird bath in my garden. I didn’t want a very big one, not knowing how long we’ll be in this house. So, I went out to several garden stores in search of a small and reasonably priced bird bath. I had terrible luck! I finally decided that I’d just make one.

    Off I went to TJ Maxx, where I found an acrylic bowl and a small planter. I figured that I’d just glue the bowl to the bottom side of the planter. The bowl was $1.50 and the planter was just $6. When I brought them home, Adam suggested that we drill a hole in each and secure with a screw. I let him go about that task, and we also used a hot glue gun to give it some extra staying power. It turned out really cute! It’s easy to dump out every day, which is a good idea if you don’t like mosquitos. The birds seem to like it, as it’s often emptied before I get to it. I just fill it back up when I’m out watering. It’s a little smaller than I had planned, but it’d be very easy to make a bigger one. In fact, I might do that now that all those summer things are hitting the clearance racks.

    Give it a shot- if nothing else, it makes for a cute piece of garden art! Plus, Tweety Girl and Mr. Robin will greatly appreciate it!

    Basic planter – $6 at TJ MAXX

    Drilled a hole in the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the planter

    We secured a screw to connect the bowl and the planter, and then used hot glue to “caulk” and add extra strength.


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  • Eileen 07.19.2011

    Very cute and a great idea. Lucky birdies and you getting to watch and listen to them. Love sitting on the porch and seeing who shows up. Always hopeful for super quick visits from hummers!


  • That’s really cute! You could make more and sell them along with your darling gardening aprons. How long did it take the birds go find the bath?


  • Love it! Will keep my eyes open for some cool planters/bowls. Looks simple enough!


  • I just love this!!! Hmmmmm… the mind is crankin’.


  • I really don’t know, Em. The bird bath was empty just a couple of days after I put it out. I have not actually seen a bird drink from it. Today, however, I saw a chickadee drinking from another small bird bath in the yard. So adorable!


  • Cute! It looks so much bigger in the garden picture than in the one with hands. Mom and I made bird baths from terracotta pots one year. I LOVED mine and all the birds that came to play in my garden… until Fred accidentally broke it. Maybe I need another one.


  • Good morning, That is a great idea !!!!!! I love birds and butterflies. However, could you explain me how did you made the hole in the glass container without breaking it, and what drill did tou used.


  • Hi Alexandra! Thank you for the comment! The bowl I used was actually acrylic and not glass. It was very easy to drill a hole using just a standard electric drill. My husband used a wood bit, based on the size of the bolt he had available to attach the bowl to the pot. You just want to make sure to use some hot glue or silicone to prevent any leaks. Super easy!


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