Basil from seed

  • Did you know that basil grows amazing from seed? I am a huge advocate for growing herbs and vegetables from seed for several reasons. First of all, it’s really fun! Secondly, it’s really inexpensive. I have been using the same $2 package of basil seeds for 3 years. I know that they have an expiration date, but I decided to plant them anyhow, and wouldn’t you know- most of the seeds germinated just fine! Along the same lines, another reason I like starting with seeds is that you can grow a lot of plants. I typically plant 15-20 basil and cilantro seeds each year. I think this is really important in the case of herbs like these, as they seem to need frequent cuttings. I cut them back, make something delicious, and plant more seeds. This cycle keeps a continuous supply of fresh herbs to have on hand. Finally, it’s been my experience that I often get healthier plants when I get them growing directly from the dirt. Of course, some plants are much more difficult to grow this way. I turn to the garden stores to buy starts of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs like french tarragon, thyme, and rosemary. But, if you are ready to get your pesto on- try growing basil from seed!

    Little baby basil plants- cute, huh?

    Closeup shot of the little guys

    Nothing like a tomato and basil salad straight from the garden!

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  • Emily 07.27.2011

    Now you’ve made me feel guilty since I’ve purchased at least four basil plants from Trader Joe’s this year and plucked them in my garden. We still have some summer left … I think I may plant a few seeds and start a basil rotation!


  • Emily, let me know how it turns out! I have to admit- I’m a little nervous about taking what I’ve learned in NY and putting it to use in the northwest! We get spoiled with a lot more heat back here! Also, I am just extremely jealous that you have access to Trader Joe’s! How are your plants doing this year?


  • Ok…I’ve decided you just need to live next door to me! Besides all the other many, many reasons, I want fresh basil and cilantro and thyme and whatever else wonderful you grow and/or your expertise in growing them and using them!


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